PARRINO|SHATTUCK, PC is a leading family law boutique in Connecticut dedicated to the litigation and negotiation of substantial cases. We deliver the highest quality of legal capability and client service – in equal measure. The firm represents individuals with substantial means in all areas of family law matters, including divorce, alimony, child support, property division, and child custody. Based in Westport, Connecticut, a significant portion of our work is concentrated in Fairfield County, yet our geographic reach often extends throughout the state. We strive to provide an unparalleled level of accessibility and responsiveness to our clients, giving them a sense of stability and security during a turbulent time in life.

Our Approach

Client service, quite simply, is the firm’s top priority. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and responsiveness to clients. While many firms profess to offer their clients a similar service, our established strict office practices ensure that we diligently respond to our clients.

We recognize that our clients are under significant emotional strain, and we are sensitive to their need for regular communication and real-time updates. Earning and maintaining trust throughout the course of an engagement is as important to us as protecting our clients’ interests. It is worth noting that most of our clients originate from former client and peer referrals.

At the inception of our representation, starting with the initial consultation, we listen to clients to understand their unique circumstances, discuss goals and priorities, and weigh options. We then obtain a precise and comprehensive understanding of their financial affairs. PARRINO|SHATTUCK, PC’s discovery work product sets us apart from our competition. Our skill is recognized by our colleagues and the judiciary. We have served as co-counsel with other law firms in all aspects of cases, including financial and child-related matters in very large and sophisticated cases. In addition, we have also been retained by clients to render second-opinion legal advice.

A Primer on Mediation, Collaborative Law and Litigation

Litigation is not the only means by which a case may be resolved. Litigation may be a last resort when alternate dispute resolution methods fail. PARRINO|SHATTUCK, PC litigates only cases that must be tried, and we exhaust other strategies, such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, in an effort to settle cases.

Sometimes litigation is necessary to reach an equitable outcome for clients when settlement is not possible. PARRINO|SHATTUCK, PC does not practice collaborative law as a means of alternate dispute resolution because collaborative law precludes litigation as an available tool and alternative remedy.

In collaborative settings, should negotiations fail, the parties must then restart the process and retain new counsel to litigate their differences irrespective of the time and cost already invested in collaborative counsel, potentially costing parties additional emotional stress, time, and great expense. It is to our clients’ benefit that we preserve the option of prosecuting claims in court if we are unable to bring a case to a successful conclusion through non-adversarial means.

In mediation, some mediators do not advise clients as to whether an agreement is fair and equitable but rather refer them to reviewing counsel, who do not have the benefit of participating in discovery and depositions. Therefore, mediators do not typically provide legal advice or make a determination of whether any potential settlement is fair and equitable.